For the bonnet

The isolation of the bonnet is crucial for the reduction of noise inside the car’s cabin.

The bonnet of a modern car is separated from the car’s body: the rubber bearings, balls, and locks of the bonnet are the points of contact. For a demonstration of the importance of noise reduction in the bonnet area, you might ask someone to knock on the bonnet – the sound will be heard distinctly within the cabin. During the operation of the motor, the bonnet sends a significant vibrational load through the points of contact on the car’s body. These microvibrations are significant, but the noise from these operations can be reduced significantly by a noise-attenuating cape on the motor.

During the winter, this cape also works as a heat-saving accessory. The presence of the cape during cold weather increases the cooling time of the motor.


Layer One Vibration cushioning material: «Alumast»
Layer Two Heat insulating material: SGM-izol
Optionally Heat-saving noise-eliminating cape: «SGM Warm»


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.


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