Violon PT, PTN

Sound absorber material. Synthetic felt. It possesses of the perfect absorbing properties, doesn't catch moisture, may be provided by the protective moisture-repelling and isolating membranes. It is used as a second layer of the processing of the car's doors, roof (bordering from the saloon), interior part of the torpedo, in the cabs of the special machines. It may be used as a packing material. In this case it may be used for the treatment of the internal part of the interior bordering of the car, torpedo from inside, plastic airways. It is long lived and does not destroy in coordination with the air.

Composition: polyester or polypropylene synthetic filament. Membrane: polypropylene, polyethylene, foil.

Type of the glue layer: acryl or elastic.

Sizes of the production: sheets – 500х1000mm, 750х1000mm, 1000х1500mm, rolls (may be issued in sizes of the customer)


Price: 11 $
  • Thickness, mm:
  • Color:
  • Temperature of maintenance:
    -30 - +120C
  • Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than):
  • Acoustic absorptivity coefficient:
  • Density, gr/scuare metre:
    540, 900


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