Heat insulation for high-heat joints and aggregates

SGM Techno produces thermal-insulation and sound-absorbing armatures for pipelines, collectors, and other high-heat construction, thermal covers, and capes.

We suggest: the development and production of the manufactures, which are used in conjunction with objects heated to 600C (to 1100C is possible). The use of these products is the reduction of temperature at the surface of the cape to 60C including for thermal overload protection against inadvertent contact with heated surfaces and reduction of noise.

Execution: non-flammable materials.

Thickness: from 20 to 200 mm. The delivery of manufactured products with fixture elements and accessories is possible.

The use of these materials in direct contact with surfaces is possible to 600-700C, short-term to 1100C.

SGM-Techno HotMat

The sound absorber, sound-insulating up to 1100C.

Sound absorber curtains

The noise-protective curtain covers.


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