Proplast Inside

Sound absorber material. It may be in the plane and crimpy form. Due to the presence of different membranes inside of the material, the materials maintain the largest absorption coefficients on the determined frequencies. Depending on the membrane type and its position it is possible to receive the necessary absorptivity coefficient on necessary frequencies for the client.  It survives perfectly the cyclic loadings, elastic, shock isolated. It serves as a principal layer, which includes the insulating and absorbing properties.

Composition: a second time made foamed polyurethane.

The membranes in composition of the material: metal foil of different thickness, bituminous membrane, elastic membrane, rubber membrane.

Type of the glue layer: acryl or elastic.

Sizes of the production: sheets – 1000х2000mm, 1200х2000mm, 1600х2000mm (may be issued in sizes according to customer).


Price: 27 $
  • Thickness, mm:
  • Temperature of maintenance:
    -30 - +120C
  • Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than):
  • Acoustic absorptivity coefficient:
  • Density, kg/cubic:


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