Isolation for ships and yachts

SGM-Techno produces a wide range of materials and manufactures for isolation and sound absorption, used in ships and yachts.

These materials reduce the noise originating from the operations of ships and yachts. Our recommendations are suited for ships of any size and include different combinations of insulation and absorbing materials.

These suggested materials are also heat sealing and hydroisolating materials. Special isolators and absorbers for the bulkheads are used, and particular materials are used as bases for decorative floor and wall coatings in the cabins.

We produce heat and sound-insulating products for engine air inlets, generators, compressors, and turbines.

The temperature firmness of manufactures depends on the materials from which the heat insulating capes are made and varies from 300C to 1100C.


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.

BB-ton, BB-ton Ultra

The sound absorber material from recycled foam or polyurethane.

Proplast Inside

Sound absorber material from recycled foam with membranes.

Proplast Super

The absorption material and acoustic insulating material from recycled foam.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.

SGM-Techno HotMat

The sound absorber, sound-insulating up to 1100C.

SGM-vibro Techno Marin

Sea-water and fresh water resistant material.

Sound absorber curtains

The noise-protective curtain covers.

Ultra Marine Inside

The resistant insulating material to the sea-water.


The sound absorber non-flammable material.

Violon BlackWell

Super effective viscoelastic soundproofing foam.


The sound absorber material with acoustic insulating effect.


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