Sound absorbing materials for cars

Our company has specialized in silencer materials for cars since 2006 and has produced these materials in-house since 2009.

We have now accumulated extensive experience in the field of car noise reduction, improving on the acoustic preparation of cars by using vibration isolation and sound absorption materials.

The primary types of materials used by our company include:

Insulating and absorbing materials

Our company produces materials used for noise reduction in cars, buses, and specialty vehicles.

These products are divided into the following groups:

  1. Insulating materials (vibration cushioning materials)
  2. Acoustic insulation materials
  3. Absorbing materials
  4. Anti-creak materials

 We also produce decorative materials for the interiors of vehicles:

  1. Decorative lining
  2. Decorative floor materials

Special materials for use in vehicles:

  1. Non-flammable materials (600C+, 1100 C+) and products
  2. High-density absorption and joining materials and manufactures
  3. Light vibro-insulating materials
  4. Heavy vibro-insulating materials
  5. Thermo overlay materials

SGM Techno is a manufacturing company with extensive experience involving serial and non-serial materials. We employ specialists from the finest technical universities in Russia, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Yaroslavl State Technical University. These specialists provide a guarantee of product quality and stability.


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