Sound insulation for driver's cabs and operators of specialty machines

A primary focus for SGM Techno is the creation of insulating materials, which are used for heat insulation, acoustic reduction, and acoustic correction of the noise level inside of driver's cabs or operators of specialty machines.

We have developed more than 30 unique sets of silencer materials and constructions for cars of different types, combines, tractors, excavators, ships, yachts, airplanes, and helicopters.

The primary rule we follow when providing for acoustic comfort is to take an engineering approach to problem solving, using the combination of materials necessary in each specific case in order to insulate from external noise. The acoustic absorption coefficients on different wavelengths depending on thickness and solidity of materials are given in table of the acoustic absorptivity.

Contact us, and we will find the optimal isolation composition for your equipment. We are also prepared to deliver these materials organized as vehicle sets. Deliveries as sets reduce the installation labour intensity at the assembly lines as well as reducing the total number of waste products.




Against flame

The non-combustible insulating (absorbing) material.


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.

Anti-creak 1

Anti-creak material.

BB-ton, BB-ton Ultra

The sound absorber material from recycled foam or polyurethane.


The combined bituminous and butyle-rubber insulating (absorbing) material.

Proplast Inside

Sound absorber material from recycled foam with membranes.

Proplast Super

The absorption material and acoustic insulating material from recycled foam.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.

SGM-vibro Techno

The insulating material for industrial use.

SGM-vibro Techno Marin

Sea-water and fresh water resistant material.

Sound absorber curtains

The noise-protective curtain covers.

Ultra Marine Inside

The resistant insulating material to the sea-water.


The sound absorber non-flammable material.

Violon Beta

The absorption and anti-creak material.

Violon BlackWell

Super effective viscoelastic soundproofing foam.

Violon PT, PTN

Sound absorber material. Synthetic felt.

Violon VEL

The viscoelastic absorption and anti-creak material.


The sound absorber material with acoustic insulating effect.


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