Sound absorber curtains

The noise-protective covers of the curtain type, which are destined for the isolation of the noise from the equipment in reduced conditions. It is used for the ships, yachts, boats of different class, on the factories. On a by-order basis. The connection of the curtains in the one-piece construction is made with the help of the stickers, zip-through.

Composition: The multilayer composition: glass tissue, basaltic fiber in the additional membrane, leady metal plates. In the places, which demand to breathe, the window is protected by the net.

Sizes of the production: The curtains and covers are issued in sizes of the customer.


  • Thickness, mm:
  • Temperature of maintenance:
    -100С- +1100С
  • Acoustic absorptivity coefficient:
  • Density, gr/scuare metre:
  • Isolation of the noise, dB:
    > 10


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