Vibration-absorbing materials

We suggest: special-purpose materials for the reduction of microvibrations in the facing materials of the cabin, composed of metal, plastic, and composite materials, consequently reducing the acoustics of high noise equipment. Materials for different facial coverings: aluminum foil, glass tissue, nonwoven materials. Multi-polymeric vibration-absorbing materials may be non-flammable.

Thickness: 1.3-10 mm, dimensions - sheets: 240х420, 500х800, 500х1000 mm, rollers 100-500х3000-10000 mm.

Self-adhesive materials. As an added service, we provide assembled sets cut to the specifications of the customer.

Key features of materials: 

  • weight 1 square metre; 2.0-22 kg square metres;
  • adherence to the surface after the assembling: 6-35 N/cm, rigidity
  • viscoplasticity
  • working temperature range -40- +150C
  • coefficient lowering of microvibrations: 0.1-0.65

The materials may be selected to achieve maximum sound absorption of  equipment in the appropriate frequency range. Vibration cushioning materials are effective in the frequency range of 150 Hz.

These materials have waterproofing (anticorrosive) effects and may be used as a combination hydroisolating anticorrosive covering for the bordering of pipelines, equipment cases, and metal constructions with internal structural vibrations and noises, if they frequently contact aqueous environments (streets, the ground, wet equipment bays, wet parts of buildings, various construction).

Against flame

The non-combustible insulating (absorbing) material.


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.


The ultrahard insulating (absorbing) material.


The insulating (absorbing) butuminic material.


The combined bituminous and butyle-rubber insulating (absorbing) material.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.

SGM-vibro Bitalym BVN SP

The industrial acoustic insulation material for pipelines.

SGM-vibro Techno

The insulating material for industrial use.

SGM-vibro Techno Air

The light-weight insulating (absorbing) material.

SGM-vibro Techno Marin

Sea-water and fresh water resistant material.


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