The conglomerate SGM Techno was established in 2006 as a modern multi-industry firm specializing in the development and production of insulation and absorbing materials under the brand “SGM”; “Proplast” is the wing responsible for industry, automotive construction, buildings, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, and compressor and refrigeration facilities.

A combination of the best material properties and engineering methods in acoustic, thermal, and vibration protection for transport facilities, equipment, buildings, and other construction is the result of the highly efficient output of our company’s specialized workforce. Our company includes specialists with engineering degrees from the finest technical universities Russia has to offer, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Yaroslavl State Technical University. 


SGM guarantees that our products meet the most stringent standards for quality and stability. We achieve these goals with rigorous quality control, a broad spectrum development process for new materials, and secure delivery to our clients, all while maintaining a sound pricing policy. We are constantly expanding on a material and technical basis, with a continuous introduction of new production equipment and assimilation of cutting-edge production technologies, so that we are poised to take first place in the Russian market for high-tech insulating materials.

SGM has more than 200 products in our catalogue, including waterpower, shock-absorbing, soundproof, sound-absorbing, thermal-insulation, creak proof, and tightening materials, as well as materials with combined properties.

SGM and its collaborators have the utmost professionalism and extensive experience, allowing us to develop and produce materials with particular characteristics according to a customer’s specifications.

Our organisation is certified to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949.

All production is done in-house. Specialty production can be done to a customer’s specifications on an individual basis.



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