Soundproof curtain covers for high noise equipment

SGM Techno carries out the production and sale of sound absorber bonnets and acoustic insulating curtains.

Curtains are supplied with eyelets, lightnings, chape-stickers, and ventilating apertures opposite domains of inject-blowing and equipment ventilation grills.

We suggest: The development and implementation of manufactures, used to reduce the noise of a rigid frame, including for the isolation of noise from equipment, up to temperatures of 1100C

Execution: A composite curtain with metal insulating elements inside, of non-flammable materials

Thickness: from 10 to 20 mm.

Efficiency: not less than 12 dBA for the transmission of noise through the curtain.

Manufactured products are delivered with either set fixture elements and accessories or according to customer specifications.

SGM-Techno HotMat

The sound absorber, sound-insulating up to 1100C.

Sound absorber curtains

The noise-protective curtain covers.


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