Acoustic insulation materials

The purpose of acoustic insulating materials:

  • The delay of sound waves in the structure of materials
  • The weakening of sound waves in the structure of materials
  • The reflection of sound waves inversely
  • The overturn on the 180о  phase of sound waves for effective sound absorption by materials

We suggest: high-density (1700-1900 kg per metre cubic) membrane materials, high-density (from 80 to 240 kg per metre cubic) polymeric foamed materials on the basis of a second type made from foamed polyurethane, providing facial coverings of non-flammable and waterrproof (aluminum foil, glass tissue) materials and soundproof layers of metal or polymers.

The materials may have a glue layer to facilitate assembly.

Thickness: 1.3-400 mm, dimensions of sheets: 240х240 1000х2000 mm.

As an added service, we provide assembled sets cut to the specifications of the customer.

These materials are effective in the frequency range higher than 200 Hz.

They are intended for increasing the soundproofing capabilities of cases, boxes, and other high noise equipment.

Against flame

The non-combustible insulating (absorbing) material.


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.

BB-ton, BB-ton Ultra

The sound absorber material from recycled foam or polyurethane.


The insulating (absorbing) butuminic material.


The combined bituminous and butyle-rubber insulating (absorbing) material.

Proplast Inside

Sound absorber material from recycled foam with membranes.

Proplast Super

The absorption material and acoustic insulating material from recycled foam.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.

SGM-vibro Bitalym BVN SP

The industrial acoustic insulation material for pipelines.


The sound absorber non-flammable material.


The sound absorber material with acoustic insulating effect.


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