Isolation against noise for airplanes and helicopters

SGM-Techno produces a wide range of materials and manufactures for isolation and sound absorption, used in airplanes and helicopters

These materials reduce the noise originating from the operations of airplanes and helicopters. Our recommendations are suited for aircraft of any size and include different combinations of insulation and absorbing materials.

The suggested materials are also heat sealing materials. Special isolators and absorbers for the bulkheads are used, and particular materials are used as bases for decorative floor and wall coatings in the cabins.

These materials are non-combustible and non-toxic during the event of a fire. Materials correspond to the classification KM1 and KM2.

Against flame

The non-combustible insulating (absorbing) material.

SGM-vibro Techno Air

The light-weight insulating (absorbing) material.

Violon PT, PTN

Sound absorber material. Synthetic felt.


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