Exclusion of liability

Guarantees and abandonment of obligations

1) We furnish information on our website based on reasonable functionality and support levels. Please base your estimates accordingly; however, we cannot accept some obligations concerning the information on the website.
2) Neither SGM nor its suppliers and distributors provide any surety regarding the information on our website aside from that indicated in the present and additional use conditions. In particular, we assume no responsibility concerning the informational content or accessibility in regards to your specific needs.
3) All information is provided as-is.
4) The legislation of some countries guarantees vendibility and availability; aside from the situations specified by such legislation, we exclude all implied guarantees.

Responsibility with regard to information

1) Neither SGM nor its suppliers and distributors take responsibility for lost profits, received profit shortfalls, loss of data, or other financial losses, or for indirect, special, or punitive damages unless otherwise provided for by law.
2) Under no circumstances will SGM nor its suppliers and distributors take responsibility for unexpected losses or damages.
3) We understand that in some countries you may have additional lawful rights as a customer.
4) Information on the website does not impose additional constraints on your legal rights as a customer.

Liability for maintenance

We assume no liability for any damages expressly or implicitly caused by the use of this website due to purposeful action or gross negligence.

Liability for external references

1) This website may include external references or references on websites controlled by third parties. We were not aware of any legal infringements when we added such references. We are not liable for content related to external references that are beyond or direct control or outside our influence.
2) The content published by SGM on this website (in particular, text, illustrations, and photos) is regulated by European legislation regarding propriety rights.
3) Any other use, especially the reproduction, dissemination, or providing of content from our community requires our express written permission.
4) Copyright law of third parties is observed and maintained in all cases when we are not the owner or author of the presented content.


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