Sound absorber materials

Absorbing materials are integral to the construction of technical and industrial equipment.

We suggest: with average density (from 30 to 50 metre cubic) and with high-density (from 80 to 180 kg per metre cubic) non-flammable polymers on the basis of elastic and a second layer made from foamed polyurethane, siliceous fibers for facial coverings of non-flammable and waterproof (aluminum foil, glass tissue) materials, profiled in the form of the "Wave" or "Pyramid".

Some materials are formed so as to increase their durability against high temperatures, biological organisms, or radiation. Materials may have a glue layer to facilitate assembly.

Thickness: 3-400 mm, dimensions of sheets not more than 2000х2000 mm.

As an added service, we provide assembled sets cut to the specifications of the customer. The acoustic absorption coefficients on different wavelengths according to thickness and solidity of the material are given in the table of acoustic absorption. The coefficients were received at the metering on the installation "tube of Kundt.” These materials are effective at a frequency range higher than 300 Hz.

These materials are intended for increasing the soundproof characteristic of internal surfaces of cases, boxes, and other high noise equipment. If necessary, materials with 80% effectiveness at frequencies of 150-250 Hz may be developed.


Anti-creak 1

Anti-creak material.

BB-ton, BB-ton Ultra

The sound absorber material from recycled foam or polyurethane.

Floor carpet

The cushioned high-density flooring material.

Proplast Inside

Sound absorber material from recycled foam with membranes.

Proplast Super

The absorption material and acoustic insulating material from recycled foam.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.


The sound absorber non-flammable material.

Violon Beta

The absorption and anti-creak material.

Violon BlackWell

Super effective viscoelastic soundproofing foam.

Violon PT, PTN

Sound absorber material. Synthetic felt.

Violon VEL

The viscoelastic absorption and anti-creak material.


The sound absorber material with acoustic insulating effect.


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