For wheel wells and liners

The isolation of the wheel wells and liners greatly reduces the level of external noise. Moreover, the transmission of vibrations from the suspension is decreased by inclusion of the following systems:

Layer One On the metal of the car's body, a layer of vibration cushioning material: "Alumast"
Layer Two Over the first layer, a layer of heat insulating material: SGM-izol
Layer Three On the plastic weel well liners, a layer of vibration cushioning material: "Alumast"
Layer Four Over the third layer, the heat insulating material: SGM-izol or Violon PT.


The insulating (absorbing) butyle-rubber material.


The combined bituminous and butyle-rubber insulating (absorbing) material.


The combined sound absorber and insulating materials.

Violon PT, PTN

Sound absorber material. Synthetic felt.


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