SGM-vibro Techno Air

The light-weight insulating (absorbing) material, which is destined for the lowering of microvibrations of the metal, plastic. It possesses of the anticorrosive effect. It serves as an effective insulation material at the firm requirements to the mass of the set of the sound absorber and insulation materials. The material has a special composition thanks to which it is easier than usual insulation materials not less than 25%.

Composition: wireframe polymeric composition (mastic) with special light-weight fillers.

Type of the glue layer: Self-contained adhesiveness.

Sizes of the production: sheets – 240х420mm, 500х700mm, 500х800mm, 500х1000mm, rolls (may be issued in sizes of the customer).


  • Thickness, mm:
    2.0-4.0 +/- 0.2
  • Color:
  • Temperature of maintenance:
    -40C - +120С
  • Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than):
  • Coefficient of vibration absorption:
  • Acoustic absorptivity coefficient:
  • Density, kg/cubic:


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