SGM-vibro Techno Marin

Material resistant to sea-water and fresh water, also to differences of the humidity isolating (absorbing) material, which is used for the reduction of microvibrations of metal and plastic. It has an anticorrosive effect. It is used as the first layer of the processing of the hulls of yachts, tankers, and boats of any type and construction. It may be used for sea-based platforms of different purposes, including those located in the Arctic circle.

The material has a special composition, making it resistant to the influence of sea water and extremely low-temperatures; low smoking point, little toxicity, low burning temperature.

Composition: wireframe polymeric composition (mastic) with special fill.

Type of the glue layer: Self-contained adhesiveness

Sizes of the production: sheets – 240х420mm, 500х700mm, 500х800mm, 500х1000mm, rolls (may be issued in sizes of the customer).


Price: 16 $
  • Thickness, mm:
  • Weight, kg:
  • Temperature of maintenance:
    -60С - +140С
  • Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than):
  • Coefficient of vibration absorption:
  • Acoustic absorptivity coefficient:
  • Density, kg/cubic:


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